Boosting up a small bathroom



Consider getting rid of the bathtub. A -big bathtub is a space waster. It is more comfortable and safe to take a shower in a purpose built shower cabin with non-slip floor tiling standing in the slippery tub. Older homeowners or those with mobility issues will find it convenient to enter a shower without having to climb over the side of a tub. Frame-less glass showers making the room look bigger.



Whether you want or have room for a vanity will influence your bathroom sink choices. A vanity should be at least 60 cm wide to accommodate a full-size basin and provide some basic counter space. If you don't have room for a vanity or just don't want one, check out a pedestal or wall-mounted sink. These styles have a lighter, less solid look than a vanity and may be ideal for truly tiny spaces. There are many pretty and functional wall-mounted basins on the market to choose from.



Wall-hung toilets or those with round rather than elongated bowls are the best picks for compact spaces. But keep in mind that your choices have to fit the general design aesthetic of the room. A wall-hung toilet has a modern, contemporary aesthetic; a round bowl work better with a traditional interior.


Wall Mirror (Cabinet)

A large mirror above the basin counter helps to make the entire bathroom appear larger. If you decide to go for a wall mirror cabinet you will gain a lot of additional and convenient space, right in front of you, when looking at the mirror. For cosmetic and pharmacy items the cabinet does not does need to be deep. Depending on the room and your cabinet choice, you may able to install a mirror with two identical cabinets, one on the left side and one on the right side of the mirror. Please check that you have enough power sockets where you need them, but in a safe distance to the basin and the water tap.



A light, bright space is always more attractive and inviting, and in the bathroom in particular, light improves functionality. Make sure you have enough light in front of the mirror; the installation of additional spotlights above the basin is often required for a good shave. There are also ceiling lights in the center of the room as well as in the shower, you may think about to run them on separate switches. Consider an exhaust fan, connected on one of the light switches or separate.